Cleaning Hacks For Your Bedroom

Cleaning your one bedroom rented apartment or your shared bedroom is probably the last thing on your “to do” list when you come home after an exhausting day at work or a nerve wrecking day at university. If you barely have time to microwave your food, then you definitely don’t have time to start on the DIYs for your home which you’ve pinned on Pinterest. Given below are some excellent cleaning hacks for the lazy and the busy. Cleaning the ClosetKeeping your wardrobe clean, tidy and organized is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. Make sure to keep your all-time-favorite clothes in one shelf so you can always wear your “go-to” outfit if you’re running late. Have a separate shelf for socks and undies so you’ll never lose them; and neatly fold all your sweaters in one corner so you know exactly where to look for what. Color coding especially works if you have a huge collection of clothes and outfits, for it’ll help you find exactly what you need. If your wardrobe is a huge mess that even you don’t want to get in to; then make sure to call a domestic cleaning service in Melbourne to help you out with rest of the work or closet organizers if you’re very desperate.spring-cleaning-service-melbourne Getting rid of dust If you can’t afford to vacuum clean your bedroom every day or even every week, then it is highly likely that it is filled with dust that you probably shouldn’t be inhaling every day. Make sure to take a phased approach when getting rid of the dirt. Know where the dust particles accumulate; these are most definitely areas in your bedroom that you cannot reach. On top of your cupboard, under your bed, under the drawers, the shelves in your dressing table that you don’t really pay attention to, are probably filled with dirt and grime. Make it a point to wipe these off on a daily basis here and there so you wouldn’t have to go all out on one particular day to clean it all up. But then again cleaning is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The amount of dirt you find may change from season to season considering its environmental changes. For spring considerable amount of dirt could be found and that demands spring cleaning in Melbourne for a healthy home space.Laundry SpaceThe “laundry chair” Is what ideally qualifies as laundry space in this day and age. But, constantly having to move your filthy clothes so you could sit and get some work done, and forever transporting the same back to the chair when you want to take a nap isn’t going to work in the long run. Have a separate basket or just a bin to put all your dirty clothes, and another separate basket to have all your washed and dried clothes so you can fold and stack them neatly in your newly color-coded wardrobe. Storage Storing all your nick-nacks from your jewelry to stationery will help you have a neat and tidy bedroom. Make sure to always keep the little things neatly stuffed in boxes where you don’t actually see them, because then it tends to look less cluttered. Store your shoes in a cupboard with louvers and keep it shut so you won’t see the mess. Keep all your pens and pencils in a case or a box so it doesn’t seem like they are all over the place. Although most of these things may initially seem like hard work, once you get the hang of cleaning one thing at a time, you will definitely get the hang of it. While it takes a bit of effort, when it becomes a habit, you’ll never go back to being messy again!

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