When Do They Attack?


These days, people are every hygienic and very conscious about things they do and places where they sit.no one would ice to sit in a place where there is dirt or smell, they would always want to sit in a place where people are clean and have kept their surrounding clean.

What are termites

Termites in geelong are a kind of insects that hurt when they bite. These are mostly found in a season after rainfall which is why its heard to stay indoors after the first rai because these termites really get along with it. Followed by the fact that these termites live in woods.


There are a lot f kinds of woods in this world, woods that are kept for years and ages will always result with termites. They will have termites living in them and giving eggs which is obviously not hygienic.

When do they attack?

They attack sometimes, firstly when someone destroys there home, and second when someone teases them or hits them. They come to bit you and that bit really suck up your blood.

Do they like sugar

Yes, they are a fan of sugar and how much they love the sweets. No matter how far how close you keep the sweets to them they will always find a way to get to them and eat them.

How to kill these termites

For people who are irritated by the invasion of these termites. They need to get rid of them. They can do it simply by doing fumigation at their place. It is done by the workers, workers who know what they are doing and holds great knowledge about the termites and the sanitisation of the house to clean every part so that later on they don’t get to come inside. Followed by the fact that the workers have a kind of a spray that kills in killing the termites and the insects that bother people.

What do the workers wear?

The chemical that they do in the house is dangerous for human beings which is why the humans are asked to leave the house for the time being and they are asked to stay somewhere else because if they inhale this gas or chemical, this will hurt their throat and cause problems for them to breathe. This is one of the reasons why the workers wear proper dressing that won’t allow the chemical to get into them.

How long doe sit take

It takes about 5 to 6 days for the recess to end, and meanwhile they do the cleaning of the house. The termites are dangerous and must be kept away. The smell of the chemical that kills the termites goes in a week or more than that because its strong and very powerful.For more information visit our website: www.houseinspectionsgeelong.com